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Sourdough Bread
Israeli Breakfast Club
Indian Cuisine - vegetarian

Pizza & Focaccia Baking
Italian Cuisine - vegetarian
Casseroles and Slow Cooked Dishes
Casseroles and Slow Cooked Dishes - vegetarian
The Secrets of The Yeast 
Tabun Oven - Outdoor Israeli Experience
Chef meals
Israeli Brunch
Winter Casseroles feast
My Indian Cuisine Interpretation
Bets of Italian Culinary
Around The Tabun Dinner

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About Me
My name is Idit Kostizky Tishel and My friends call me "Malkat Hamitbach" which is The Kitchen Queen, I'm the 4th generation of northern family of farmers , that worked the land. My father had raised Vegetables, fruits, wheat , olives (and olive oil) herbs and sheeps. From young age I'm working in the kitchen using my father yield making breads, cheese, herb's spread and
as a student I made a living selling homemade sandwiches. In the last years I'm teaching peoples how to create their own handmade bread at my home in Kfar Bilu- a Village half an hour south to Tel-Aviv and 45 min from Jerusalem, My workshop are small intimate with a lot of respect and care to the people and for baking My vision is that everyone who want to and care to eat and create their own handmade healthy, homey bread would be able to do so Available workshops: Breads, Sourdough breads, pizza & focaccia, cakes, Casserole cooking and more
For booking please call or text +972548046061